Kanellos Chronopoulos


  1. Managing Director of the Group and co-chairman of the investment board of the Group
  2. Kanellos served as Business Head for Sandoz with Alapis Group before joining Box at 2011. He held several leadership positions with business, community and professional organizations.
  3. Kanellos, with 25 year work experience has acquired  expertise in Business Administration, Finance, Commerce and Natural Resourcing .
  4. Kanellos holds a Geology degree from University of Thessaloniki (1989), an M.B.A. from Bradford Management Centre (1994), as well as Negotiation and Decision Making training from Harvard University (2004) among others. He lives in Athens.

Kostas Vlachopoulos

  1. Greek Asset Director and member of the investment board of the Group.
  2. Kostas  leads Box Private company and Real Estate investments. Kostas directs Private Business Analysis department and drives negotiations with existing and potential investment projects.
  3. Before joining Box at 2013, Kostas participated in mainly local firms either from several management positions, or as a minority stake holder .
  4. Kostas, with 22 year work experience is a top expert in Minority Stake Management and Business Administration.
  5. Kostas holds a degree in Agricultural Science from Athens University (1990) among several professional qualifications. He lives in Athens.

Yiannis Fragos

  1. Technology Investment Director and member of the investment board of the Group.
  2. Yiannis leads Box leads new technology investments. Yiannis directs New Front Analysis department and leads new technology oriented investments.
  3. Before joining Box at 2015, Yiannis developed an impressive Management Consulting career in several top consultancy firms, worldwide .
  4. Yiannis, as a top expert in patent technical and legal aspects, brings a blend of breakthrough technology understanding and its financial prospects.
  5. Yiannis holds a full-time MBA degree from Bradford University, School of Management (UK) and a 5-year postgraduate Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Patras (GR) among several global professional qualifications. He lives in Athens.

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