Value Investing: The Box Investment Group Way

Box Investment Group has been formed in 2010 aiming to seize local and global investment opportunities occurring from financial unrest. guided by the timeless principles of value investing. By consistently adhering to a long-term, value-oriented approach, the corporation has built a 50-year track record of growth and value creation that has been matched by few publicly traded companies based on share price appreciation and total return. Over the past two years, the value of Box Investment Group unit stock has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent.

Today, the corporation is led by Kanellos Chronopoulos. Kanellos Chronopoulos is serving as Managing Director of the Group, as well as co-chairman of the investment board of the Group.

At Box Investment Group, we attribute our success to several important – and interrelated – factors. First, and perhaps most important, the efficient management and allocation of capital is a priority. We manage for the long term, investing in our private holdings in order to grow and enhance their value. We add value by supporting our private holdings with both financial and strategic advice. We maintain a disciplined approach to identifying and acquiring, at attractive prices, good assets that can deliver sustainable cash earnings. We keep cash in reserve so that we may manage through unpredictable markets and cyclical downturns. Our liquidity also enables us to move decisively when we see an opportunity to make an acquisition or investment.

Allocating capital effectively requires other corporate strengths:

  • A management team with deep experience, market knowledge and insights based on research and analysis
  • A corporate culture built on an understanding that being patient, disciplined and thoughtful is not incompatible with being opportunistic, innovative and forward thinking
  • An ownership structure that fully aligns the interests of management and shareholders

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